Thursday, December 20

We Went to Boise, Idaho!!

Some of you might not know this about my family... but we're huge Utah State Aggie fans.

Like big time.

And the biggest fan of all is this little girl right here.

So when the Aggies officially accepted an invitation to play in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, reservations were made, tickets were bought, and we anxiously looked forward to the end of the semester.

The game was a blast! Obviously most of that is due to our awesome team that beat Toledo 41-15, but it was so fun to take our Baby Girl to one more game this season and to hear her cheer on her team in her little 2-year-old voice. (Wasn't it nice for creeper in the back there to smile?) :)

I was NOT looking forward to watching the game on Boise State's blue field, but it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. It looks much more obnoxious on ESPN.

So excited for the game to start! Santa was nice enough to drop off a new hat and mittens for Coco early so she wouldn't freeze.

My sister and her little boy came along for the ride, too. This poor kid was not digging the loud, rambunctious duo that was sitting directly behind him.

Love our Aggies!

A big, big thanks to Grandpa and Grammy for letting us tag along!

And thanks for letting Coco borrow your binoculars...

...and for all the great memories from the weekend!

Next year... The BCS! :)

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  1. Man alive she's getting so big! Glad someone in the family got to enjoy the great season of our Aggies!! Of course they're good the year we move across the country! Looks like you had so much fun!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!


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