Monday, December 3

Johnson Wedding Announcement

This was my first big project as a freelance designer. The bride approached me about creating a wedding announcement and insert cards and I was so excited to oblige! This project was created in Photoshop and was printed by Square One Printing in Logan, Utah.

To begin this project, I asked the bride to go online and to pick two or three wedding announcement designs that she liked so I could get a better idea of the kind of style she wanted. After I received her three favorites, I could tell that the bride was looking for a wedding announcement that had an ethereal, yet modern, look. I created three different mock-ups in Photoshop and then showed them to the bride. She chose this design and we moved forward.

Whenever I create a wedding-related item, I always like to incorporate the bride’s wedding colors, if possible. I think it adds a personal touch to each item and gives the audience a taste of the wedding and the bride’s personal style. In this case, the bride’s colors were navy blue and a light blush pink- a color combination that I fell in love with!

I ended up creating four different drafts of the announcement, working closely with the bride, her mother, and the groom’s mother. The announcement was finished on time and was then submitted to a professional printer. I accompanied the bride and her mother to the printer to ensure that the design wouldn’t be compromised during printing.

I was so excited about this announcement and the accompanying inserts and it is still one of my favorite projects. 

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