Friday, December 14

The One Where I Won a Giveaway {Part One}

So... you guys remember me blogging about this awesome giveaway over at Whippy Cake?

I won the ticket! I've never won a giveaway before (except a week's membership to my home town's sports club with I was 10... but that's another story) and I had all sorts of adrenaline the night that I found out my good luck.

Anyway, so I got to go to the Smash Ball in Provo last Saturday.

What's a Smash Ball, you ask? Well... Smash books are basically books filled with lots of pretty paper just waiting to be filled. What you fill them with is up to you. A lot of girls there were using them as scrapbooks and then trimming them with pretty ribbons, washi tape, fabric, and paper. I used mine to create inspiration for future stationary designs (check out my work samples page for some of my favorite works). 

So... on to the Smash Ball and the picture overload!

This pretty sign was done by Rhonna over at Rhonna Designs. What beautiful handwriting!

There were pretty lights and fabric garland on the outside... so romantic! 

There were so many fun crafting and embellishing tools there... and so many great colors. How couldn't you feel inspired? 

Ribbon and washi tape station. 

Lots of fun paper, buttons, die cuts, tags... just waiting to be used. 

My messy station. (That Diet Pepsi isn't mine, I swear!) 

 We also all received envelopes with gorgeous fabric trim. I just wanted to save it all to put in Baby Girl's piggy tails rather than smash it. 

The Smash Ball was held at the Historic Southworth Hall... it was awesome! I'm a sucker for that brick.

Ah, the tulle... 

...and feathers. 

One more huge thank you to Becki at Whippy Cake for the awesome night!

Besides the super nasty snow storm that I hit on the way home, it was so much fun and I came home with all sorts of fun ideas for new freebie designs! Can't wait to show you in the next couple of weeks.

 See what I made and the awesome swag we all got in the post tomorrow!


  1. Hays-
    I'm loving your new blog!! By the way I'm super jealous I'm not in Utah to enjoy all your cute ideas in person! And you look gorgeous at the smash ball!

    1. I'm super sad that you weren't in Utah so I couldn't convince you to come with! Also, you look gorgeous in your Christmas card! Your hair is so long...


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