Monday, December 3

Partnet Holiday Party Invitation

I was approached by a software company in Salt Lake City, Utah to create an invitation for their holiday office party. I was given a lot of freedom in terms of the design and creativity, but it was important that the design maintained a professional tone. I worked closely with both administrative assistants during the process.

I created a mock-up and e-mailed it to the assistants to approve. Once I got the approval, I went to work. I decided to go with a traditional and festive color scheme of red, green, and gold. I created the gift images in Photoshop and used them to line the bottom of the invitation. It created some visual interest and made the invitation unique.

When appropriate, I like to mix fonts on a project. It gives the project a deeper sense of individual design and also creates a playful look, while still looking professional. This invitation was created completely through Photoshop.

I worked with Alphagraphics in Salt Lake City, Utah to print the invitations. The printing company required several different sizing adjustments to ensure that the design would be translated onto as I had planned.  Partnet was very pleased with the design.

{personal information has been censored}

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