Monday, December 3

Family Bridal Shower Invitation

This bridal shower invitation was created for my sweet cousin, the bride. We are only a year apart, so we were very close growing up and I was so excited to have a hand in her family bridal shower. 

The bride’s wedding colors were chartreuse (a light green), grey, and white. It is one of my favorite color combinations, so I definitely wanted to incorporate it. The bride has a trendy and fun sense of design, so I used the chevron pattern in a bold way and made it the focal point of the invitation. I created an ombre effect of grey to green to soften the chevron a little.

One challenge from using the pattern of the focal point was that I then had limited space to convey the information. I solved that problem by creating two columns at the bottom of the page. I created this invitation in Photoshop. To make this project more cost-effective for printing, I saved this image as a .jpeg and it was printed onto photo paper at Wal-Mart. It was a cheaper option, but the integrity of the design was maintained.

The bride was really pleased with the design of the invitation and later approached me about creating a thank-you card design for all of her wedding gifts. 

{personal information has been censored}

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