Saturday, December 15

The One Where I Won a Giveaway {Part Two}

This post isn't nearly exciting... but I wanted to give a shout out to all of the amazing sponsors that made the Smash Ball possible and show off my super crafty powers.

So my smash book...

Baby Girl nicknamed herself "Coco" (short for Colbie) and it's kind of stuck. I love using unexpected colors for little girls and then incorporating more feminine patterns and textures with those colors.

Besides the wobbly handwriting, this is my most favorite page. I'm thinking about turning it into a Valentine printable...

I would've never pinned myself as a flowery kind of gal, but as I am starting to pin down my style a little more, I'm finding I love sweet florals with a bright pop.

Possible baby shower ideas. (I was kind of running out of steam at this point.)

Now the swag... oh, the swag! Lots of fun pretty jewelry and a sweet pattern and really yummy candles.

An up close look at some of my most favorite things I got. (Baby Girl is also very excited for everything pretty and girly).

A HUGE shout out and thank you to all of the sponsors!


Spark the Event Online

Carina Gardner

GC Candles from Amy Burchfield

Hoop-La Jewelry

Ellie Collection Jewelry
Facebook: @Ellie Collection Jewelry

Whippy Cake

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